Bristol: The end of an era

I know that I'm not leaving Bristol for good, but when I return the city as I know it may be unrecognisable. The people I love will have graduated and left, a huge storm might knock over my favourite lamp-post, the Student Union will probably have disintegrated and Boston Tea Party might have gone bust. I hope none of these things happen (except maybe the Union disintegrating) nevertheless I'm preparing myself for letting go of an era. 

It's so hard to leave the home we create for ourselves. I'm really struggling to put on hold all the progress I've made and the amount of effort I've put in to living independently. Bristol is my home and leaving it for a whole year, even if it is to go off galavanting around Europe isn't going to be a walk in the park. My last few days in the West were annoyingly quick, beautifully fun and expectedly sad. I carried around my Mum's old film camera (my new favourite toy) to capture moments and places that mean Bristol to me so that I can cover my wall with photos and be reminded of how blessed these last two years have been. 

This is the walkway through Clifton Graveyard. It always feels so ethereal, like
you're walking through an enchanted garden. It's really beautiful.

There's nothing like a good old fashioned house party to end the Summer
term with a bang. Loved seeing old friends from Fresher's.
I saw this view everyday on my way home from University. It was always so breathtaking,
a stunning reminder of how lucky I was to live in beautiful Clifton. I'm also
incredibly fond of that lamp-post.
The Music faculty has always been very special to me. I don't study music, but I met some of my
favourite people in this building. I've also had some pretty incredible rehearsal 
experiences there as well. It look so majestic on film.
These houses sit opposite the Student's Union and I am desperate to live in one of them for forth year.
They're just in such a perfect location and I love how tall and Georgian they are. 
House lust.
After watching our friend in improv, going out plans were cancelled. So I returned home
and sat at my desk drinking cider and reading Jane Austen. It was a rather poignant 
moment (you know how I love those).
My last ever Boston Tea Party for the next year. AH. You can't beat a House Tea and a hunk
of their homemade gluten-free brownie. Nom.
 Deco Lounge became my new hang-out during the Summer term. I loved
catching up with my fellow linguist Louise. Doesn't she pour tea so elegantly?
I'm so excited for all the adventures we're going to have this year!
A rare moment alone to read the Guardian and sip some yummy iced-coffee. 
I try so hard to be a sophisticated lass.
Preparing ourselves for the Drama-grad ball. The theme was superheroes
and I went as Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games. Hahahahaha!
 Getting ready is such an entertaining and memorable part of the night. Right after this we
ran to Michael's to drink Champagne and then delivered a singing telegram to our
poor Medic friend who was still studying in the library. Fun times!
Literally the morning after the night before. My jam-jar glass of water and two of the 
greatest people in Bristol. Happy, crazy times.
I chose my room in the house because of the view of this mural. This was the last
shot I took after having cleared, cleaned, packed, dusted and de-moulded the whole of room.
Officially the end of an era.


  1. Lovely pictures! I have never been to England, but I have always wanted to go. Your pictures of the graveyard and the view walking home are especially beautiful. You are so lucky to live in such a place! I, on the other hand, live in the middle of a desert... not much to look at!

    Enjoy your travels!!! I look forward to following your blog.

    I found you on! I have a blog too, if you're interested! :)

  2. These photos are beautiful - film never fails to disappoint and you've captured your Bristol perfectly here; it's not too different from mine. Bristol will also be a part of you, that's true, but, at least to me, you will also be a part of Bristol.

  3. Aw. With the end of and era comes new and exciting things. It looks like you have made some wonderful memories there. The photos are so beautiful and such a sweet way to remember your time in Bristol :]