A Walk In The Hills

  During the last week of my Easter break I went to visit my grandparents in the South of France to introduce them to Louis and also get a drop of sunshine. Unfortunately, we brought the British weather with us - I have never been so cold! I swear Paris in December was warmer than Paziols in April, which is all kinds of wrong! Thus my dreams of sunbathing and dips in the river were quite literally shattered. However, we found other ways to amuse ourselves and it really wasn't hard, because the scenery down there is just breath taking. These photos were taken on the first sunshine of the week, it was too cold to swim, so we decided to go for a long walk to the castle that you can see from my Grandma's kitchen window. It was a beautiful day and I was climbed higher into the hills you could see the Pyrenees COVERED in snow - it was crazy!

Walking is such a great activity, particularly when you get to walk around places that look as beautiful as this! It gives you a chance to clear your head and talk about so many random, unrelated things. Sunshine is also really great: it always makes me feel so alive!

These photos are a mixture of instagram on an iphone 3GS and a tiny, little film camera. They were so fun to take and they have captured the day perfectly!

What have been some of your favourite walks and how have you documented them?

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