Bank-Holiday Blues

It rained, it was cold, I left the hood of my coat in Bracknell, I left my leggings in Bracknell, I stood like a drowned rat outside Boston Tea Party at 7:30 in the morning and nearly burst into tears when I had to walk down the road to COSTA (boo hiss) because it didn't open until 9, I had lots and lots of work to do and there was no chaplaincy, nor any free spaces left in the libraries. BUT I STILL HAD A GREAT DAY. I hung out with three of my favourite people in the whole world, reading the bible, studying, using my Boston Tea Party voucher, making an amazing tapas lunch and eating condensed milk out of the tin with teaspoons. Exam season bank-holidays are what you make them.

How was your bank-holiday Monday?

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  1. haha, I love your dream you had! so funny! I've definitely dreamed about other bloggers before...just comes with the territory I suppose. :) anyway, good for you for turning a bad day into a good one. I'm not very good at that! I'm a whiner..haha!