The Best Brew I Know

I love tea. I could drink tea, buy tea, study tea, make tea and talk about tea all day long - trust me, it's no exaggeration. Unlike coffee I can drink tea incessantly, as I find it lighter and more refreshing. Coffee is still a vice of mine, but I find its richness and artistic finesse needs to be appreciated in small, albeit daily doses. Coffee tends to be a 'going-out' drink, because it's usually difficult to find cafes that do tea well (unless you live in Bristol, because Bristol cafes ROCK at making tea!) or a mid-morning drink to push through with studying or reading. Tea, on the other hand, is the first thing I taste every morning - it's a 'wake-up' drink, a lunch time drink, an late afternoon drink and a 'just before I go to bed' drink. My favourite everyday tea is Jackson's of Piccadilly English Breakfast Tea, because it's fair-trade and the packaging is snazzy. I'm also a massive fan of herbal tea, namely white tea, lemon and ginger, mint tea and Boston berry tea. For a special treat I might buy myself some lady grey because it's just the most refreshing, lady-like and zingy tasting drink on the planet. However, my go-to tea, the one I can guarantee will taste good, smell good and do me good, is what my family like to call 'a mixture'. Basically it's 2 English Breakfast or Assam tea bags to one Earl Grey tea bag, brewed together in a tea pot for approx. 4 minutes, then add a dash of milk and pour into your prettiest tea cup - it's perfect for people who love strong tea, but want something a bit lighter tasting for the afternoon. I would highly recommend it for lonely tea-times but it's also a real hit in the ole' social sphere as well. So, happy brewing! If you try it for the first time, please let me know what you think!


  1. Really, you mix them together? never heard of that, but I'll certainly try it and then tell you how it tasted ;-)
    and thanks so much for your sweet comment!

    xxx Anita

  2. I love tea too! My housemate last year introduced me to a mix of regular English breakfast and either earl grey or redbush - really nice. Unfortunately I'm a bit of a creature of habit so often will choose normal tea over other stranger types when i go I really don't want to not like a cup of tea! Need to be more adventurous I feel.

    Have you got a favourite type of coffee? Totally agree that coffee's not an all day kind of drink like tea is - I feel like a good coffee can be like a mini snack all by itself, especially when there's a lot of milk involved!