Combatting failure with a homemade skirt, ice-cream and opera

Homemade Skirt 5
So I failed my Italian exam. Boo. Lame. No likey. However, this is not to the time to despair, nor the time to work harder, instead it's time to work differently. Instead of pouring over grammar books and going through past papers, I need to watch more films, listen to more radio, read more Italian literature and find an Italian penpal (if anyone could help me with this...PLEASE SAY!) For a moment I thought I might have to leave Italian behind altogether and that option is still possible. As my tutor says 'It's like the late night email Ellie, don't send it, wait till the morning to read over it' . So I have made myself a target for the end of the term, and if I do not reach that target then I will no longer study Italian, knowing that I gave it my best shot. Capito?!
Homemade Skirt 1
Homemade Skirt 3
Despite this little nuisance, life is jogging along just fine. I wore my favourite skirt with Sophie's Jumper and my brogues and it made me so happy! I bought ice cream and danced on lamposts and walked through Clifton in the beautiful late winter sunshine. I went to watch my friends in the opera and it was awesome and fun and sad and great. I've brewed great coffee, rediscovered popcorn kernels, enjoyed my fountain pen, had a text conversation with my Dad completely in German, I've been to rehearsals, I've directed rehearsals, I've learnt how to dance like Fred and Ginger, I got a place in the National Youth Music Theatre (more to come on that) ,I've shown people how I can stick my whole fist in my mouth and blow a Malteaser up into the air before catching it in my mouth, I had a boyfriend-bought Boston Latte and a great catch upwith my Welshygirl over dark chocolate and I've sat on a roof and eaten custard accompanied by cups of tea, I've seen the whole of Orion in the sky and not just his belt and I've had breakfast with my Sophie-friend and got loads of awesome books out of the library. All these things remind me that God is good and life is blessed.
Homemade Skirt 4
But oh my (!) isn't life just whizzing by!?

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