Another Politics Rant

After seeing a clip of the American Republican party elections on Tagesschau just now, I am once more reminded why I remain politically disillusioned. Let me be frank, I am no singling out the Republican party, but rather commenting on politicians in general. There seems to be a formula for their speeches and a tightly knitted rules for their propaganda:

Firstly, exaggerate the terrible state of the country (but ignore the poor, just focus on the economy)

Secondly, blame the opposition, personally insult them and then appeal to your apparent moral high ground.

Thirdly, appeal to the FEAR of the society, never let them forget this FEAR, exaggerate the stimulus of this FEAR, then claim that you are the solution to this FEAR.

Fourthly, do not mention how much money you have spent on this campaign and when asked, dodge the question or LIE.

Finally, appeal once more to your apparent moral high ground then close with superficial, sugar-coated rhetoric. Remember to use the words heart, hand, door, dream, together, God and freedom.

Politicians are not the answer to our fears, nor are they, as many claim, the cause of them. They are just men and women. Men and women who so often pretend to be God, to be the Messiah of the nation and so often disappoint our expectations. I do not want to be led by people pretending to be something they're not. I refuse to give my vote to people who are ugly campaigners, who try to improve their position by insulting their opponent: How does this a)advocate peace and b) show maturity. Until there is a politician who is honest, admits when they are wrong, uncovers the fear rather than enhances it and shows true compassion for the people rather than the position...I will remain politically void.

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  1. Coming from the mouth of someone who lives in America, I completely understand what you're voicing. We've actually had professors at my (Christian) University who've gone so far as to say that you can't be a Christian AND a politician. I don't know what I think about it but it is interesting.

    Two random things:
    1. I'm coming to study literature in England in May. Any suggestions on what sort of clothing I'll need. Where I'm from it's about 70 degrees F in May and sunny.
    2. I don't know if this is trending in England but check out KONY 2012. It's something a bit political but focused on the people and not the popularity aspect.