Got Green Milk?

Okay, so I'm officially terrible at this outfit posting thing. I am clearly not cut out to be a fashion blogger. Thank goodness this project has some sort of focus and costs me zilcho otherwise I'd be in such a crazy crazy clothes shopping mess.
These photos were taken almost two Sundays ago after church. I wasn't intending to take any outfit shots, but I really liked how much green I was wearing - I even had a green top underneath my green coat. CRAZY. It was also one of those days when you finally straighten your hair and realise how long its got - YES I FINALLY HAVE LONG HAIR! (but it needs a cut - look how split the ends are!) Finally, it was my first photograph with my new glasses. I've been getting a lot of comments about how I wanna be a hipster Zooey Deschanel look-a-like. Now, I love Zooey, I loved Zooey before most of my friends knew who Zooey was, I got my flatmates into Zooey, I could not be a bigger Zooey fan, but the hipster glasses were a completely practical choice. I have big eye lids and big eyelashes, my old glasses had small lenses and my lashes used to get stuck and it used to bug me how I could see over the rim etc. etc. Big frames eliminate all of these issues and make it easier for me to see and read, which is why I have glasses in the first place.
The milk is completely random and there to emphasise how completely spontaneous this is. I'm usually more of an orange milk drinker anyway (1% fat milk) perhaps its a metaphor for how I like to live my life, sat on the fence in between skimmed and semi. I would also like to thank Louis who risked his life (he nearly got run over by a car) to take this photos and also re-edited them (the first batch were so artsy you couldn't see that my coat was green, and the whole reason I like this outfit is because of HOW MUCH GREEN THERE IS!) He is great and so is milk, so drink it, cos it's full of calcium.

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