What The Season Brings: Snow

I'm sitting here, wrapped up in blankets, eating my homemade gluten-free biscotti (recipe and photos to come) and staring out my window at the beautiful beautiful snow. Even though snow is rather a nuisance in Britain seeing as we're not that used to it, I can never complain when all the white powdery goodness starts to fall from the sky. I love it. I always think of snow as something that happens once in a blue moon, in fact, I'm pretty sure I can count the number of times it snowed throughout the whole of my English childhood (about 5). Part of me loves how it brings the world to halt with it's stillness and its beauty. I love the cool silence it brings and how it makes every indoor activity that little bit more cosy. I did take some photos of my window view, but I'm afraid my camera cable is back in Brizzle so tumblr pics and old photos will have to do. SNOW YAY. I only hope the trains are running tomorrow, I do need to get back to Bristol quite promptly (pray pray pray!)

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  1. So pretty!

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    ox from NYC!