For those of you who follow my twitter account, you'll know that, now my foot is all healed, I've been back on my bike (or Cassie as I like to call her) I had a bit of trouble with the gears, I was convinced there were three, took it to the bike shop and turns out it only has two. GREAT. Bristol is full of hills, cycling is fun. I bought some lights, a helmet and a fancy German lock (all credit to Louis) and I've been riding pretty regularly. However, the gears are still shoddy and the poor little thing squeaks and squarks its way around Clifton. On Wednesday night, the little silly cycle decided to break whilst I cycled up Whiteladies, meaning I only had one gear with which to cycle up a MASSIVE hill and it wasn't the easiest one. LOVE LIFE. So, I've finally come to the conclusion that this bike is not right for Bristol - it would be perfect for Amsterdam, or Oxford or Bracknell ANYWHERE flat. I'm really sad, because it's really beautiful and I really wish I lived somewhere flat so I could ride it. However, I need to be reasonable and realise that for once in my life practical must come before pretty (NOOOOO!) So I'm going to have to sell Cassie *sob* it's very distressing because now I have to look for an ugly bike with horribly low handle bars and lots of gears. Anyone who knows of a pretty looking bike that would be decent for Bristol SEND ME DETAILS. Much love, Ellie x

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  1. How sad! Cassie is so pretty. Best of luck finding another pretty bike that can handle hills.