Biscotti, Biscotti, Biscotti!

The Italian student within me has been craving biscotti ever since my coeliac disease diagnosis in September 2009 and I have FINALLY found a gluten-free recipe. YAY. I made these on Saturday night after a very indulgent day of sitting on the sofa watching ' A Room With a View' and playing piano for two hours straight. I love our home kitchen because there's so much space, so many interesting expensive ingredients and you can actually tell when the oven is ready. Bonus.
Gluten Free Biscotti

I used this recipe here, substituting the flour for Dove's Gluten Free Plain Flour and adding a teaspoon of Xantham Gum along with the baking powder. Note to fellow Brits: make sure you translate the temperature into metric. I didn't and nearly incinerated my almonds!
Nom Nom Biscotti
I'm planning to make these again and sit and watch all three Godfather's back to back. Whoever said doing an Italian degree was hard!? NOM NOM NOM.


  1. Ah, that looks delicious! I'm gluten-free too, and I'm always looking for new recipes. especially ones that actually TASTE good. there are so many recipes that are just revolting. but this one actually looks good. :)

  2. looks so yummy! I love coffee and biscotti together. Ps, thanks so much for that sweet comment! you're the best. xoxo