Latte Art

I have recently added a new activity to project procrastination. I still dance around my room to spotify tunes and mime musical theatre showstoppers into windows and mirrors, but when I'm feeling a little less energetic and inspired I google latte art. It's awesome. I've been a massive fan of pretty lattes ever since my first flat white. I believe that good latte art is a sign of a carefully crafted beverage. My absolute favourite latte artists are the baristas at Boston Tea Party, their lattes always look like a dream and when you order one caff and one decaff latte they will do a different artwork for each so you know which is which. WHAT GREAT SERVICE!?

Anyway, since googling this shiz I've been introduced to some pretty crazy designs. I'll be honest, I find the faces a little creepy, I'm much more of a pattern, stars and moon sorta gal. However, check out this video of someone drawing a face in a latte - it's INSANE.

And what about the Latte-Dragon!? Pretty sure you never thought of that, ey!?

The more I google latte art the more fascinating it becomes. I was a little concerned by the occasional green latte that appeared, but I have since discovered that these are green-tea lattes (doesn't make them sound any less gross!). Still it's all very impressive and I can't wait to start up my coffee shop so I can get creative with the coffee froth!


  1. wouldnt go near that green one...

    i love latte art, especially at christmas when they all have little christmas trees and robins!!! xx

  2. These always blow my mind. Geez, that's cool!