The Truth About Kindles

Kindle 2
Way back in November I commenced the journey towards Kindlehood and succeeded when, under the Christmas tree, sat a lovely little Amazon package containing the tiniest little Kindle I ever saw. Despite its overall cuteness, I still regarded it with the utmost suspicion.

'Will you take me away from second-hand bookstores? Will I forget how to turn pages? Will I even use you?' I asked it.

Here's the thing, I have a Kindle and yet I still buy books. I browse bookshops with my Kindle sitting snug in my handbag. Some days you'll find me sat with a paperback drinking coffee in Boston's and on other days it'll be my Kindle. Rather than limiting my reading experience, it has actually expanded it. Though Books maketh a home and I will continue to buy them to furnish my walls, but one cannot lug one's home through the streets in a satchel.
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It is the perfect purchase for travel, but also the perfect purchase for students. I can now download reports, PDFs, set texts and dictionaries onto my Kindle, significantly reducing how much I have to carry into uni on a daily basis. This is good for my back and for the environment - no more unnecessary printing! The screen isn't backlit and it isn't touch screen, so it still feels like a book, I still have to turn the light on if I want to read in bed. I can even enlarge the font to make it easier to read when I'm tired. It is going to be BEYOND perfect for my year abroad next year, I can truly live out of only a suitcase if I can have all my books on a Kindle. Again, this won't stop me buying books, I'll just make sure they're only in German or Italian so I HAVE to read them. Overall, I'm very happy with my Kindle and encourage all you readers to rethink your prejudices and see the practicality in this little device.
Kindle Together
My friend Jessie and I LOVE our Kindles

Thank you to everyone who commented on my post. Your views were very helpful and insightful!

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  1. I'm glad you like it! Gah, I may have to buy a Kindle after this review from a fellow book-lover..:)