The New Yorker

I woke up yesterday with Sting's 'I'm An Englishman In New York' going round and round in my head - I do THE best move for the 'I'm an alien' part of the song (next time you see me allow me to demonstrate!) Little did I know that the big apple would sort of be a theme for the day. When I finally got home from my slog at the library, what should be waiting on the doormat but a brand spanking new copy of The New Yorker. YAY. I got a mini-subscription to the mag for crimbo and I love it. The articles are always so interested and beautifully written.
OUtfit New York 2Outfit - New Yorker
These photos are courtesy of Ellie my housemate, who I grabbed as soon as I got home so we could catch the last bit of light. I wore this outfit for a date on Wednesday night and liked it so much that I wore it again the next day (since becoming a student my hygiene standards have slipped dramatically). As much as I dig these trousers, I hardly ever wear them, which is silly because they're so warm and I feel so 'bookish' when wearing them.
Necklace New York
This necklace was another €1 bargain from the Paris market, all nice and vintage. I really need to restock my jewellery box, I had a bit of an unfortunate spat last year where all the chains kept breaking. I'm also in desperate need of stud earrings! So perhaps my clothes budget can go towards some new ones. These shoes are honesty my favourite pair of shoes in the WHOLE world. I always dreamed of owning a pair of leather brogues, because they LITERALLY GO WITH EVERYTHING. However, I didn't have £40 to spare. Alas, I got these leather babies off ebay for a mere £6 - C'MON!


I also had some fun using pixlr-o-matic to edit these photos. My friend Fiona introduced me to the website and I'm addicted. It's so fun! For those of you who wanted an iphone for instagram and hipstamatic - check it out! It's free.


  1. these photos are great!! i dont use istagram so this is a great substitute! xx

    please tell me where they are from?

  3. great blog. i like your photos. the last one is my favourite (=

    freetings from germany.