A Day of Studying

So here is my first outfit post. I haven't graced you with a full length photo of myself, partly because there was no one to take it for me but also because I wanted to mix it up a bit. Did anyone have that Misfits card game where you got to mix up the head, the middle, the knees and the feet of different characters to create a hilarious looking person? Well, I decided to go with the card game feel only sans hilarity (I hope!)


This is my standard 'I've got a long day of reading/note taking/organising' outfit. The main objective is comfort and ease, so naturally I turn to my faithful jumper and leggings combo. Bristol has fuelled my charity shop jumper collection and this particular one is a man's wool/silk dark grey jumper from Gloucester Road. It's large, but has a narrow fit so I can wear it like a jumper dress (because I'm short!) The red scarf was 65p in the Salvation Army shop on Stokes Croft - I originally bought it as a Christmas present but I liked it too much! These socks are from Next and although rather expensive in my eyes, completely worth it. They are so comfortable and they act more as slippers.

Finally, when I decided to leave my study cave and venture out to Santa Fe coffee shop for a change of scenery, I donned this rather wonderful hat (my £5 River Island bargain!) I've always wanted a trapper and this surpasses any of the ones I've tried on before. My ears are SO warm. My faithful TOMS are really as comfy and practical as they are ethical and, unlike the their slip-on siblings, these booties don't make your feet smell and actually have a grippy sole. PARFAIT!


My friend Gemma and I are in the process of creating a blog dedicated solely to this No Clothes For a Year Project, partly to make the process a little more fun for ourselves but also to document DIY Projects, potential pitfalls and any lovely clothes swaps that come our way. WATCH THIS SPACE.

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  1. oooh, looks comfy! You can never go wrong with a sweater (or jumper, as you say!) and leggings. Those Toms are really cool too, I've never seen those before.

    & thank you for the kind comment on my recent post, it was very encouraging! xoxo