What The Season Brings: Pumpkin Pie and Holiday Inn

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2 weeks ago, after a crazy week of deadlines, Louis and I decided to kick started our holiday cheer by baking Pumpkin Pie and watching Holiday Inn. It was so much fun. We followed the recipe from Delightfully Tacky except we used a real pumpkin (from Gloucester Road) and Mrs. Crimbles Gluten Free Pastry. After carving the pumpkin we put the flesh into the microwave for about 20 minutes so that it was soft and gooey a bit like the tinned stuff (only more organic!) I went a little too crazy with the butter, so our pastry was a little bit salty and Louis went a bit nuts with the nutmeg, but other than that it was pretty yummy!

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I also bought us some vanilla coffee because Whittards were having a 25% off day. I love the smell of vanilla coffee it always reminds me of America and Christmas and it was the perfect accompaniment for our pie. It was so perfect to be in a warm kitchen filled with the sweet aroma of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin listening to Christmas Music and making a mess out of a gourd.

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After our baking sesh we sat and watched Holiday Inn, which is possibly my favourite Christmas film of all time. Listening to Bing crooooon and Fred Astaire do his firecracker dance is definitely the best way to welcome in Advent. Plus, it was shown through a projector - how many times do you get to see the old classics on the big screen these days!? I feel so very blessed.

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What are your favourite Christmas films?

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  1. It's not often that I approve of my friends' boyfriends (I think I'm just a little protective!) but Louis is great and you are wonderful together :) How did you find such a winner?!