Paris: The Eiffel Tower


So, like I said, I managed to get up the Eiffel Tower. Now, I'm not usually one for tourist attractions, in fact I usually steer as far away from them as possible - I dislike crowds and I can't abide long queues (this is why I'm not that great with theme parks - I'm too impatient) however, the Eiffel Tower is definitely worth the wait AND the money. I tried desperately to be chic and nonchalant like Audrey and Fred in Funny Face, but alas that's not so easy when you're silently unbalanced. We used the lift for most of it, but we did have to climb down to the first floor to use the toilet - I tell you it was terrifying!!


But the views, ohhhhh the views. My mother is a sucker for views, annoyingly so, I remember we went on a walking holiday in Germany once, and apart form like 3 photos where we were drinking hot chocolate or looking grumpy in our walking boots, most of them were of views (you know the kind that aren't actually possible to catch on film). I tried my best to capture them, but my camera ain't no flashy DSLR and I my photo editing software is incredibly modest. But they were incredible!


We were fortunate that just as we were stepping off the tower it started to light-up! It was awesome but unfortunately we couldn't stay long to admire it because we'd both forgotten to bring scarves and the temperature dropped quite suddenly.


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