Oh The Irony!

My Dad has always gone through various musical phases. the most prominent (or the ones I remember the most) have been the country music and the jazz episodes. As I kid I could quite happily bop along to the Dixie Chicks or Lyle Lovett and Shania was pretty mainstream back then, but I couldn't abide jazz. I honestly detested it. I'd complain whenever it was put on in the car or whenever Dad wanted to show off a new CD to his friends. It'll be of no surprise to you that I was a pretty vocal and opinionated tween, and I distinctly remember one evening kicking up a massive fuss about Dad putting on Stacey Kent after dinner, when one of our family friends (knowing that I was an aspiring Charlotte church wannabe) challenged me. He said that he was sure my music taste would change eventually and that I might even be more of a jazz singer than a classical music singer, to which I scoffed and went off in a sulk.

Over the years I have grown to appreciate jazz more and more and ironically Stacey Kent now holds the most number of albums on my ipod! But what makes me laugh EVEN more is the fact that on Monday night I had my first gig as a 'jazz singer' (let's keep that in inverted commas because I still sounded pretty musical theatre!) but that's not the point, the point is that I got paid to sing jazz and I loved EVERY second of it. The band were honestly the most talented musicians I have EVER had the honour of playing with and I've definitely caught that jazzin', scattin', improvisin' bug.

God has such a sense of humour. Isn't it funny how our tastes change so drastically? I guess the lesson here is never say never!

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  1. That's so exciting! I absolutely love jazz music and sometimes at my school I'll pop in while our Jazz combo is rehearsing. Super relaxing to listen to.