What The Season Brings: Jumper Shopping

The curtain has evidently fallen on Britain's unexpected Indian Summer, which can only mean that fluffy socks, wooly scarves, bobbly jumpers and Starbucks' red Christmas cups are lurking just around the corner. My preparations for the coming cold began a couple of weeks ago. Like a pioneer on the American homestead I have diligently harvested every charity shop and supermarket for warm clothes, seasonal veg and tinned soup, just in case we get hit by a Bristol blizzard and a quick trip to Tesco or Reg the Veg transforms into a life threatening expedition requiring ice-picks and skis. I have recently discovered that my windows are not double-glazed and since they take up most of my outside wall, my mornings are spent huddled under the covers, like the warm left-overs of last nights' meal might snuggle under the plastic tupperware when placed in the fridge. Therefore jumpers have become quite a necessity.


My annual Christmas jumper hunt was targeted predominantly at Gloucester Road: the edgy, bohemian, free spirited part of town. Louis and I screeched down the street, ruthlessly looting (legally) charity shops of their woollen (or polyester) goods. His jumper purchase was a lot more festive than mine, but I'm really pleased with my practical, cosy choices. We finished up in Cafe Kino (our new favourite place - blog post to come!) donning our acquisitions despite the fiery heat of the mid-Autumn sun and proudly sipping our ethical beverages. I'd really like to encourage you all to look at charity shops and ebay for your Christmas knitwear - not only is it so much cheaper and better for the environment/society, you're also more likely to find authentic, well made, better quality garments. For example, one of my finds was a long black jumper made up of 70% wool and 30% silk and it cost me a grand total of £6. Talk about a steal!

What are your autumn/winter essentials?

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