Creative Impulses


It's Saturday morning, which in itself is loaded with potential. Like every other day since returning to Brizzle, I have woken up to the smooth and sophisticated sounds of BBC Radio 3, clasping in my hands, a piping hot mug of tea and balancing my bible on my thighs. I read over Pslam 16 - it's basically the psalm of my life right now, every verse is relevant to this day, check it out. The to-do list has just been written and apart from being a pile of yawn (except the 'learn songs for 'Anything Goes' callbacks this afternoon' - that's gonna be fun) it's also frustratingly uncreative. All I want to do is sit in a cafe and write pretentious thoughts in my journal, instead I'm going to be sitting in a cafe writing a German essay about recycling or something lame like that. Above are the notebooks I long to fill with interesting and meaningful ideas. My friend Gemma bought them for me from a quirky shop in Covent Garden a couple of weeks ago and I'm in LOVE with them. I always feel this pressure with awesome stationary to do something significant with it, maybe I should write my poems down in one of them or dedicate another to theatre ideas or perhaps use one for the music theory which I intend to learn eventually!

But all this fussing is futile for today refuses to embrace the filling-up of these smooth bound books of lined paper, instead it's pushing me down a road of practicality where I will spend my morning with my head under a towel steaming my sinuses with olbas oil and then proceed to battle my way through 'Die Leidung des Junges Werthers' whilst I stare in awe at the fiery autumn sun and try to suppress, until appropriate, all my creative impulses. YAY for Saturday.

I wish you all a pleasant weekend. Anyone doing anything exciting?

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  1. This morning I had a bath, which was then followed by a mamoth task of sanding down a shed and repainting it… I think that this Saturday will end the way it started...