Bristol Day 6 - Louis' Roof


On Friday night we had dinner on the roof and were pleasantly surprised to find the sky dotted with hot-air balloons. I've never seen so many, so close before. It was one of those balmy summer evenings that fixes itself into your memory as the essence of Summer. Great food, great company, great surroundings. I love being on Louis' roof, because you can see for miles and you're on a roof, which is cool enough in itself.


Naturally, we got a bit camera happy and even after editing, these photos cannot capture the true beauty of those balloons and that sky. They moved in such a deliberate and peaceful manner and the two of us just sat mesmorized by the ever changing, ever re-appearing balls of colour.


Another thing I love about Bristol is all the beautiful houses and I particularly like the ones on Louis' street. There are so many varieties and as much as I try, I lack enough architectural knowledge to describe them justly. I just know that they're pretty and when I see them, I want to make homes in them. I want to invite all my friends to fill the rooms, I want to sit on the roofs with cups of tea and look at skies filled with hot-air balloons and stars and clouds and streaks of sun. I want to create families both biologicial and spiritual within those four walls, I want to invest in communities along their streets. It sounds corny, but they inspire me to establish a life that is brimming with different relationships


I'm so glad I got to see hot-air balloons soaring through the Bristolian skies, because I'm missing the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta (11th-14th August) There are so many postcards of balloons flying over the suspension bridge and other great landmarks and I just wanted to experience it for myself. Now I have.


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  1. Hm, it's nice to have a roof with such a wonderful view, no? Being able to access that area at home and do things like have lunch on it make it very fine indeed... The pictures and the hot air balloons are pretty good as well.

    -Brendan Gertner