Bristol Day 4 - The Rainbow Cafe


So again, this post is 3 days late, but there is no wifi in my house so blogging has become rather awkward and expensive. On account of our serious lack of wireless fidelity, Thursday morning found me sitting in one of my favourite little Clifton gems, The Rainbow Cafe, drinking tea out of a striped pot and taking advantage of their complimentary wifi. I uploaded photos, checked and answered emails, watched the news, booked train tickets, got up-to-date on my blog reading and did a healthy amount of Facebook stalking. Pretty successful morning.


Anyone who has ever experienced Clifton will tell you that there is certainly no gap in the market for cute little cafes - the place is littered with them. The whole village is an educated, middle-class, working from home, yummy mummy, calm business man haven and you could say that there is a suitable coffee hang-out for each social sphere. Louis calls The Rainbow Cafe the 'yummy mummy cafe' and asserted to the whole of Clifton high-street that the place made him broody. I can understand what he means to a certain extent, it does feel like you're sitting in someone's house. It has a very friendly, domestic atmosphere and the menu is incredibly family/allergy/intolerance friendly - they even do a gluten free cream tea. They also serve squash, the crockery is all brightly coloured and the tables are covered with easy-wipe chequered table cloths.

However, The Rainbow Cafe isn't just a place for pushchairs and Cath Kidston nappy bags. Not only does it stay open until 9pm, the place also displays local art, plays local artists' music (and sells their CDs), hosts live music evenings and has a second-hand book shop in one of its alcoves. When I was there on Thursday, the place was quiet but for a few older, loyal locals having a great gossip/catch-up session with the staff. If there's one thing you take away from this particular coffee shop experience, it's the sense of community. It's nothing fancy, but it's wholesome and comforting and lovely. Another jewel in Clifton's coffee shop crown.


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  1. Thanks for your lovely comments about our cafe, we're glad you enjoyed your visit! Hope to see you again soon, Emily and Stella