Bristol Day 5 - Mocha Mocha


So this is another coffee shop blog - my favourite! Last Friday was just gorgeous in Bristol what with all the sunshine, light breeze and fragrant heat rising off the pavements. I was very proud of my outfit that day too, partly because I made that green skirt myself. I love wearing skirts with waist belts - it makes me feel all girly, swishy and classic. ANYWAY, internet was still a massive issue, but Louis and I decided to try and branch out from our usual Boston Tea Party/Starbucks wifi habit and try new places, so we ended up in Mocha Mocha on St. Michael's hill.


The Location is pretty ideal for students because it's just around the corner from the ASS (arts and social sciences) library, although I have been reliable informed that as a result of this placing, there is often congestion in the coffee queue at peak times. BEWARE. Inside, it exudes the usual warmth and friendliness of coffee establishments, with lovely wood tables of varying sizes (places for couples and intimate chats as well as room for larger groups) with daily newspapers evenly distributed and the all-important chalkboard price lists. I had great banter with the baristas, who were enthusiastic enough to offer be a loyalty card - YEAH MATE. I ordered tea because it was too hot for coffee (I know, I'm a traitor!) and it came in a lovely big mug - just enough to inspire some form of productivity in myself. I have heard from people, who have taste-buds similar to mine and are therefore worthy of recognition and respect, that their coffee is also very good and VERY reasonably priced. They also do a great deal where you get a free pastry with your coffee before 10am (or maybe 11am, I can't remember)


We sat by the window, which is perfect for people-watching and inspiring procrastination when the daily grind gets too much. My chair was a bit too high for the table, so my legs got a bit squashed and I have a lovely dent at the top of my thighs, but that's the price you have to pay for a view, non!? Ironically enough, we left the cafe to grab lunch from Sainsbury's before ending up in Starbucks - our usual wifi hang out. We claim it's because we still needed to use the internet, but really we just wanted to be somewhere a little more familar to eat our bread and houmous.

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