Bristol Day 3 - Orpheus Cinema


We all love our cheap cinema tickets but unless someone you know is eligible for a carer or you're taking children to kid's club or maybe you're on that phone network that represents the colour of a tangerine and are ALWAYS ALWAYS free on a Wednesday, then reasonably priced cinema tickets are hard to come by. Oh, and don't get me started on the price (and occasionally the quality of )cinema food. Disgusting. Rip off. Heinous.

Last Wednesday Sophie, Phi and Becky went to Showcase cinemas in Winnersh to see 'Horrible Bosses', it was on orange wednesdays and I was able to use my NUS card, so the ticket prices weren't too blinding. BUT if I was paying for your average-joe of a ticket, it would have cost me £8.00! 8 POUNDS! I can't even mention the food prices because I'll just chuck-up, then there was the quality of food, which was just horrendous, and then the toilets, which were unusable (I had to squat, they were so vile!) and we ended up having to sit right at the front of the cinema (neck cramp anyone?!)

This Wednesday, however, was a very different undertaking. We scrambled up to the downs, barefoot, carrying a Tupperware of rice and a large bottle of water for our pre-film picnic. After catching some rays and chowing down some grub, we continued scampering (Louis' sense of urgency, time and direction often leave something to be desired) to Orpheus Cinema , which is at the top of Cranbook road, on the edge of the Downs. I would describe the cinematic experience as cheap and intimate, but that sounds a little bit like prostitution, so I'll leave you with a quote from their website:

This cinema is part of a Waitrose development that was carried out in the late 1960s and is built on the site of the original Orpheus Cinema. This was a very pleasant, typical 1930s suburban cinema with around 1,500 seats. Pictures are on display on the main entrance stairs.
This is a pleasant neighbourhood cinema in an affluent part of the city which has a very loyal audience and is also enthusiastically supported by the many students in the area... a little gem that still shines!

We saw the Tree of Life and we're still trying to work out what we think of it (and what it was actually about - but we're too proud and determinedly arty to admit that aloud) . But I'm a real fan of the establishment; you can pay £3.25 on a Tuesday afternoon to watch a film with a cup of tea or coffee. HOW GREAT IS THAT!?

What Orpheus looked like in the 1930s...NOICE.

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