Sunday Morning in Clifton Village

Last Sunday I tried yet ANOTHER church. Once again I thoroughly enjoyed it and further complicated my impending decision. After taking a confused and overstimulated walk through the streets of Clifton praying my rather frequent and desperate prayer of 'GOD WHERE DO YOU WANT ME!?' I suddenly realised how idyllic and lovely a sunny Sunday morning could be. I decided to phone my flatmate Ellie who had just taken her boyfriend to see the suspension bridge and suggested that we meet up for coffee somewhere. So we did. We found the most amazing coffee shop called Coffee One, it's a tiny, cosy place with very wholesome decor and an ecletic selection of drinks. I had a Pumpkin Spice Latte because I was really feeling the autumnal vibe and the three of us sat in lazy, comfortable conversation for a good hour or so, enjoying the whole atmosphere of Clifton community. We then decided to have a good old browse in the Clifton Arcade which is full of vintage, independent and antique shops bursting with little treasures, trying on boots, hats and looking longingly at the lovely tea inspired jewelry in the craft shop. I felt so relaxed and happy spending time with one of my best friends and her lovely boyfriend in such a lovely, lovely place. Words cannot truly express the beauty of the morning, so I'll leave you with a few pictures of our trip and ask all you christians out there to pray that I decide on a church soon and the rest of you (christians included) when you'll next be coming down to visit me in my beautiful Bristol manor house :-) Ciao for now!

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  1. Ho ero pregarvo trovi una appropriato chiesa.
    (I have been praying that you find a suitable church).