Old Fashioned Text Messages, Chats with Jules and Endless Cups of Tea = an Afternoon at Manor Hall

I have been officially phoneless for 4 days now and, would you believe, I'm actually coping. In fact, I'm sort of enjoying it. Albeit there's a frustrating element to being virtually un-contactable but there's also a real sense of fun in finding alternative ways to contact people. A particular favourite of mine is slipping postcards under people's doors. I started doing this long before my phone was stolen but after the last couple of days I'm finding that my stash of blank postcards is running dangerously low. This afternoon I needed answers from three people living in completely different wings and annexes of Manor Hall, so I wrote out three postcards, drank some tea, threw a scarf on and played a game of Postman Pat around Lower Clifton Hill...I have yet to receive replies, but this is old fashioned text-messaging my friend; snail mail takes time.

After my little jolly I had an irrevocable desire for a chin-wag with one of the boys on 0-West, I decided to go and visit my friend Jules, because I like sitting on his window seat and he's so easy to talk to. So there I spent an hour sat on the window seat (which is conveniently on top of the radiator) flicking through a copy of Epigram (the student paper) and chatting to Jules about my day, my family and all the things pretentious languages students talk about. This is one of my favourite things about living in Hall - I get to live with my friends! I love being able to pop into people's rooms, get a glimpse of their life through their photos, chatting to them about uni, literature, tv shows, religion etc. etc. Anyway, must dash, my lazy afternoon in Manor has come to an end and I have a German Play meeting to be at in approx...10 minutes. Why am I always LATE!?

Jules with his juice. He's so lovely.


Just casually reading a bit of EPI...LOOK HOW HUGE HIS ROOM IS!? *envy*


  1. When I was at Uni I had:
    No mobile phone - only Bankers and Yuppies had them.
    No Internet.
    No computer - except for the University Vax Terminals - which ran on Unix.

    I had an electric typewriter (with 8k memory - It could store 3 and a half pages of text),
    A Panasonic stereo cassette radio which could only pick up Radio One and Brighton's Southern Sound radio, which only played Sixties and Seventies music
    And lots of books.

    Communication was by letter or my landlady's phone.

    So that's:
    No phone
    No Facebook
    No YouTube
    No Blogs.

    Oh boy, I'd hate to go through all that again - oh and my room was tiny. That's molto piccolo.
    I'm glad to hear you are so blessed! :-)

  2. Sorry if I sounded like I was having a rant on my last comment. It wasn't meant to come across like that.
    Mi dispiace.

    Oh gosh! I didn't even have a CD player when I was at Uni!