How to love a Spiked Wall

Sometimes loving someone can be like hugging a brick wall. In general these walls are incapable of hugging you back and you’re likely to just wind up with a dirty face and grazed elbows. Sometimes, however, these walls will try to hug you back but instead of a comfortable embrace they’ll stick out spikes in defence and you'll get speared and hurt over and over again. Some people don’t know how to love and this is something that we just have to except as fact. No matter how hard we try, no amount of effort will make them return those feelings or even be civil to you. Therefore, it is neccessary to learn the tactics of spiked wall loving.

It is important to keep you heart and your emotions as far away from spiked walls as possible. This doesn’t mean that you cut yourself off from them completely, or that you stick out your own spikes to try and cut it deep - trust me, it’s futile. Instead we must support the wall from afar by building foundations around it, planting flowers at it’s base, encouraging others to admire it. This can be translated as praying for them, encouraging them and speaking well of them (or just not saying anything about them at all!) Recently I have found praying for my own spiked wall particularly liberating, every time this person frustrates or upsets me I just send a little pray up asking God for patience but also asking that he will bless them and transform them into the person he wants them to be. It’s not easy, but it’s what I’ve been called to do.

I tried to hug a wall and got bruised, I tried to hug a spiked wall and got stabbed, now I’m going to try even harder to support the spiked wall through other means. I just remember that every angry, bitter thought I have about somebody is just a waste of my thinking space. Why should someone so unworthy rob me of my greatest ideas and moments?! I’m honestly done caring. It’s not like they’re going to change because I think they’re in the wrong. Only God can do that.

p.s Alternatively, you could just throw pumpkins at them like they do in the picture.

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