Season Finale

If you’re an avid LOST fan and/or a seriously early riser then this morning at 5:30 am you might have been watching the season finale; 7 seasons of confusion and drawn-out plot-lines have finally come to an end. I must confess that I am not a LOST fan - it’s not fast-paced, happy or witty enough for me to spend 7 seasons watching it. Give me Gilmore Girls or Friends ANY day!

Anyways, today somewhat marks my own season finale. It’s my last EVER week at school, which is terrifying, exciting, long-awaited and ‘OH MY WORD WHERE DID TIME GO?!’. Unfortunately the nostalgia has yet to settle in, this is largely due to the fact that I am overworked and stressed and therefore in need of a holiday. But then I guess Season Finale’s are what you make them. In America graduation is this hugely significant event where everyone gathers to celebrate the achievements of that school year, whereas in England the last few weeks of school seem to fizzle out into nothing because your ‘last’ day isn’t really your ‘last day’ as you’re back in for exams. It frustrates me, as a girl of routine, to-do lists and general order, that there appears to be a lack of finality about this week. Maybe I’m too used to saying goodbye and packing up my things to move on to the next chapter or maybe this finale isn’t as poignant as the last or maybe I’m just too exhausted to fully comprehend this momentous occasion.

Yet when I look back on my secondary school career I can’t help but be proud of my contribution and my attitude. I have no regrets. I wasn’t cool, but I was myself. I wasn’t popular but I made lots of friends. I worked hard and got excellent grades. I threw myself into the school community and tried to make a difference. Okay, so I was a fat boffin for most of it and I’m sure most people wanted to shoot me. However, the last two years at Kendrick have not only unleashed my inner geek but have also provided me with the most incredible girlfriends. I’ve been allowed to drink tea, laugh like a hyena, dance like a loon, dress according to my mood, BE proud of my intelligence, explore literature, culture, politics…I’ve been allowed to flourish.

So even though I’m tired and worn-out, I’m content with the outcome of this chapter. I probably won’t give this week the energy it deserves but then I rarely get emotional until it’s REALLY definitely over (so around September I’ll be a snivelling mess) I guess I don’t want to hold onto something that won’t last. It’s time to move on and step forward into the next phase.

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