A very special mug.

This mug has a story, albeit it's not a great, exciting one but it's endearing and sweet in it's own little way. I had been complaining (I must stress it was in a tounge-in cheek kinda manner) about not being able to find a decent cup of tea during the Young Women's Leadership Summit in New York (Summer 2008). There was brief moment at Tavern on the Green where I had spotted a Twining's tea-bag and had promptly displayed to the rest of my team mates the joys of an english brew. Later on whilst browsing in the university books shop my room mate Julia and the lovely Dana asked me to recommend them some tea from the tea corner as they wanted to have a mini tea-drinking sesh that evening. I was more than happy to make use of my tea knowledge :-) Later that evening, after returning from the shower, I found a small package on my bed saying: 'Because we love you English girl!' and there inside was the mug and the tea I had recommended to them. It was honestly the sweetest thing in the world, I had just that night felt really homesick as there was no way I could ring home and tell them all the amazing things that were happening, whereas the other girls were able to talk to their parents every night. Thus the mug represented both my crazily awesome time in the Big Apple and my roots back in England; for a small moment that evening I settled in the tension between the two and it was awesome! The mug is also a fantastic size, an excellent morning mug (you know when you need a MASSIVE amount of tea just to keep your eyes open)the handle is sturdy and comfy and I just love the logo etc. etc. It's a special mug, with a special story from two very special people. Happy Wednesday!

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