Snakes and Ladders

If life is a board game, then I'm back on square one. I've gone down a snake (a pretty horrific experience, the inside of a snake is revolting) and I'm back to hopping one square at a time until I reach the next ladder. As I slid down the snake I was very sad, but now that I'm back on square number one I've decided that square one is sometimes the very best place to be: I have the whole board game ahead of me! Anything and everything is possible because I haven't really started playing yet. This game is definitely more advanced than the previous one, it's like I've outgrown the teen board and I'm about to start the adult experience, which appears to hold a completely different array of challenges, set-backs and opportunities. BRING.IT.ON.

I feel so inspired at the moment, probably as a result of what I've been exposing myself to over the holidays. I have freed myself from the tangle of A-levels and national curriculum, those horrible soul destroying influences that keep trying to push me into a box and jump through the next hoop. Instead my mind has been allowed to reel, to explore, to cogitate on my emotions, consolidate my opinions and settle into my life experiences. I understand myself a whole lot more, I know what makes me tick and what makes me explode. The tough part is relying on God to pick up those pieces and keep them contained.

Square one is my springboard and currently my favourite square in the world. I encourage you not to be discouraged by setbacks, but inspired by them - let them lead you into new perspectives and alternative adventures. GO CRAZY.

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