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Random insomnia is manageable, tonight it is even enjoyable. I have had the opportunity to talk to a very special childhood friend and discovered that we are basically twins just miles and miles apart. Awesome. I am enjoying the company of the virtual world and the sounds of the acoustic 'Edge of Desire' from John Mayer's 'Apartment Sessions'. I am considering my favourite things, some of which are presented as photos to the left of this blog.

The first photo shows two of my best friends, who, this time 3 weeks ago were sat on my bed with chocolate crying and praying with me. One of them has gone on a 5 month mission to Africa, I miss her already, she's one of those wonderfully solid, wise friends who know when you need to be slapped round the face and when you actually just need a big hug. The other friend has never ever deserted me; she has cried with me, laughed with me, we've shared the heartache of sick parents, silly boys and lost dreams together.

The starbucks cups represent my love for take-out coffee and coffee shops in general. I always feel safe in coffee shops yet simultaneously excited, it always seems like a nesting place for great ideas and I always wonder what fantastic invention, article or book idea is going to burst out of one of my fellow caffeine addicts. It is also the perfect place to people watch or just lose yourself in a good book.

Cold Tangerines is not one of the best, most intellectual books I have read, but it's definitely one of my favourites. I guess it's cos I love people and the random little small things in life - like fridge magnets, slightly flat coke and under-ripe bananas. I, like the author, get excited about these little things and my relationships with people; I was inspired and challenged by every chapter to think about how much God has blessed me. It made me want to leap out of bed every morning and pull the world into one long embrace.

The second photo is of me and another best friend, Jessie. This was taken on our last day together before she went to Beijing FOREVER (or so it seems!) it was such a perfect moment, we had just grabbed bagels and Starbucks and were having a breakfast picnic at South Hill Park. The sun was shining and we were reading Glamour, chatting and listening to Paramore - typical girl things. I remember feeling so at peace and so happy.

The next photo represents my need to travel, to explore. I say it a lot, but I often have chronic wanderlust and fernweh (check later blogs for more detail!) I had this photo as my desktop background for a while, but it was soon replaced with yet another New York skyline, because I was so desperate to walk on that road, I was practically crawling through my laptop screen.

I started listening to John Mayer last summer after a friend in America recommended him to me, this is definitely my favourite album of his. It's so quirky and honest. His lyrics are super original and every-time I hear his music I just want to jump in a convertible and go for a long drive or fall desperately in love with somebody so I can serenade them (badly) on the guitar.

Gilmore Girls...what can I say? I love them, I love their crazy conversations, I love how geeky they are, I love how after every episode I just want to run and hug my Mum and tell my friends that I love them. I love how the orange filter and the song on the credits takes me to a happy place and I feel Tiffany's. Nothing bad could possibly happen to me when I'm watching those Autumn leaves and singing along to 'I will follow where you lead'.

'Nothing is impossible'...with my God, nothing...NOTHING is impossible.

Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my favourite films. The cinematography is gorgeous, the main character is adorable and the leading man makes me swoon every time he graces the screen. So many good quotes, so many beautiful, original scenes. LOVE IT.

The postcard represents my obsession with...postcards. I cover my wall with postcards, because I love to travel and I love correspondence and postcards are essentially a combination of the two. So, if you're going on holiday, send me a postcard - I will love you forever!

The last photo is of another perfect moment. I may never see those girls again, in fact it's very likely that I won't, but that week in New York on a women's leadership conference was so...unbelievable. Honestly, words cannot describe how inspired I was. Those girls felt like my sisters, we grew together, laughed together, shared DEEP insecurities and by the end of the week we thought we were going to change the world. I love this photo, because it shows how much fun we were having, it has the statue of liberty in the background and the beautiful, enthralling New York skyline. It's so perfect, so completely and utterly perfect.

I am the luckiest girl in the whole world. FACT.

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