When I was a kid my parents used to pray with me before I went to sleep and I guess as I got older it sort of became a habit. Pray then sleep - another bed time habit along with herbal tea and a warm shower. I confess to having been a pretty lazy praying person, usually the prayer would be as simple as: Dear God, thanks for today, sorry for the bad things I've done, please forgive me Amen. However, there were times when I would have a little chin-wag with God, usually in the style of a letter...Dear God...blah blah blah and sometimes I would say Amen and then realise that there was something else I wanted to say and me, being a silly tween would say something like: 'P.S thanks for this' or 'P.S please help me with this'. If I had to 'P.S' God I would feel slightly guilty, like I should have remembered what I wanted to say before saying 'Amen'.

Anyway, as I was lying in bed last night, I had another conversation with God and after saying Amen I suddenly recalled a load of stuff I wanted to talk to him about and nearly went 'P.S'...then I stopped. I haven't 'P.S'd' God for a long time and I realised in that moment that whilst 'P.S' God was a kind of endearing feature to my previous prayer life, it suggests that a prayer must end at some-point. I would much rather my prayers were continuous conversations with God, similar to the conversations I have with my friend Annie, where one moment will be chatting face to face then we'll continue chatting on facebook chat or via text - the topics in our conversation may come to end but the exchanging does not. If I'm really going to invest in my relationship with God, then surely I need to treat prayer like the conversations I have with my friends. I need to be constantly engaging, I don't need to have a special routine or feel guilty because I left something out. I'm sure God has no problem with 'P.S' in fact he probably has good ole guffaw because he already knew what I wanted to say before I said it. He's a genius like that.


  1. Cool post, I'm glad I'm not the only one...
    I still do p.s. God quite a bit :)