I had two crazy dreams last night. The first involved some sort of rally car racing playstation/XBox simulator. I was driving round Bracknell at a crazy speed, trying to dodge bullets, save people etc. However, I seem to recall spending most of the dream not focussing on the road or saving people, but trying to push a cassette tape into the car's tape player so I could listen to some tunes. Priorities. At one point I went crashing into this service station, I was running around trying to find a toilet, but every single toilet was either doorless, exposed to the elements or in the centre of a large room of people (this is a very common scenario in my dreams) I was also acutely aware that the man chasing me was a Communist, again this isn't out of the ordinary, I am always being chased by either a Facist or a Communist. Perhaps my subconscious has been flooded with propaganda and is desperately trying to resist becoming a socialist. Either way, it's weird.

The second dream was even more bizarre. I was in London, at least I think it was London, and as I was walking along the South Bank I saw this massive, MASSIVE stage. There was a giant banner that said: ' Elevator Entertainment' and I believe that the stage was shaped like a giant lift and I remember thinking 'that is so awesome'. Tres bizarre. Anyways, they were performing RENT (this may or may not have something to do with my friend Alex texting me at midnight to tell me he's playing Roger in his university's production of RENT) The performers were giant holograms, so that everyone wherever they were could see and appreciate the performance (I think). The crowd were really excited and inspired by this, they were like 'oooo isn't it clever how they can make themselves all giant and hologrammy?' Somehow I ended up on stage as part of the chorus, but I couldn't transform myself into a giant hologram. I tried to join in as much as I could, which was a challenge considering a) I wasn't a giant projected image and b) I really didn't know the show very well. In the end I remember one of the actors just telling me to sit on the black cube in the centre of the stage and sing a solo, but as I sat on it the scene changed and I was sitting in the drama studio at Garth Hill College watching my friend Nik build a giant black box. I think I woke up after this...

I'm not sure why these dreams have stayed with me. Normally I am left with just impressions, like the lack of suitable toilets or being chased by political extremists. I really enjoy my dreams though, mainly because they're so weird and distorted. That's why I'm so pleased at being able to remember explicit detail from these two, hopefully it's marked a new development in my dream recalling/dream creating abilities. We'll see.

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  1. You dream of being chased by a Fascist/Communist? Intereeeestiiing. What would FREUD say?

    Also, is this the Oxonian Alex and can we go see his RENT?