This is where I'm at

3 things I'm excited about:

1) Studying at Bristol

2) Gilmore Girls marathon

3) Falling in love

3 things that concern me:

1) When walking down the street last week I saw a leaflet that said 'Late Shop'. My first thought? 'Tch, stupid chavs can't even spell Latte correctly!'

2) My irrational Ikea cravings.

3) After washing my hair, I decided to moisturise. However, after squirting a load of body lotion onto my hand...I started rubbing it into my scalp. :-S

3 things that rock:

1) My retake results. GET IN.

2) Talking on the phone with the wonderful Mr Jiggins.

3) Waking up every day feeling closer to and more excited about God.


  1. The three sections of this post get successively better. 'IMHO', as they say. J'aime.

  2. love it. concern numero 1 made me laugh alot!

  3. Can you believe I haven't been getting your updates? O.O This makes me sincerely saddened :( I'll make the effort to actually check your blog now. Stupid computers. They think they can control my life but they don't know me .... *goes of muttering*