Snow day No.4

No longer such a snow-lover. It's beautiful when it's fresh and white and powdery, but now it's all brown and grey and....sluusssssssh. Not nice. I'm bored now, bored of snow, bored of no school, bored of my house! In fact, I was so bored today that I found a new hobby: Baking. Actually one of the best things EVER, I never thought I was very good at it cos everything I made was pretty disgusting - I blame Food Technology in year 9 - but now I can BAKE and the world is happy again. Today I baked Banana muffins, Cranberry muffins and Gingerbread. Now I had a bit of a dilemma with the latter as I have lost the MAN cutter and only had a WOMAN cutter and I thought I don't want to make a batch of GingerbreadWOMEN cos people will accuse me of being an extreme feminist - so instead I made Gingerbread faces. They were meant to be "smiley faces" but as you can see, some of them look more like the Joker than a CBBC presenter.

I think I've spent too much time indoors this week, my body is going mental. Tomorrow I will go for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong walk.

I have been practising my songs for "Wizard of Oz" and have realised how ridiculously high they are; I can reach the notes fine, but it doesn't sound very pretty. This is frustrating. However I am loving one of the songs quite a lot: "Evening Star" is very beautiful. Rehearsals were very good this week, Tim the music man was there and his warm-ups are INSANE, I feel like I can reach ANY NOTE EVERRRR after doing one of his "ing, ing, ing, ing" things. The break was interesting though, went to the Atrium bar to meet Missed Out peeps who are really cool - i wish I was that cool, Ryan in particular is a DARLING. Anyway my lovely ex-boyfriend (he is lovely really, but at this moment in time "lovely" is definately sarcastic and spiteful) thought it would be "LOVELY" to mention my activities on New Years Eve, which was "LOVELY" of him. I admit I felt very embarassed and it is because of that night that I no longer trust punch fountains and will stick to drinking tea FOREVER. Back to Oz: COME AND WATCH THE SHOW. It should be good, even if I sound awful.

Ben Jiggins just told me that he's "been very disappointed with cinema for 5 years", what a silly man. Usually I can appreciate that we have very different views on a LOT of things, but that is just ridiculous ! GRRR. Someone extend Lord of the Rings EVEN further; that will shut him up and keep him happy. On the topic of cinema, I really want to see "Doubt" and on the subject of "Doubt" I have decided that Meryl Streep is my favourite actress of all time. I think she is incredible, she has such a natural talent. "Mamma Mia" would have flopped without her.

I'm afraid this blog doesn't seem to be going anywhere this evening which is probably due to the bad coffee I made this morning. I think I burnt it, or something like that. It was not nice that's for sure. I really want to get started on the first season of "The West Wing" and continue watching "Gilmore Girls"...

On a final note, I bought ballet shoes in Primark for SIX QUID, bargain if ever I saw one.

Things to do before sunday:
1) Tidy Room.
2) Buy Lucy's b-day pressie.
3) Charge camera and i-pod.
4) Pack suitcase.
5) Take my make-up off.

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  1. 'I no longer trust punch fountains and will stick to drinking tea FOREVER' You are learning, young Padawan Stagewalker.

    'I have decided that Meryl Streep is my favourite actress of all time' You and my mum would get along just fine! Seriously though, Meryl Streep is amazing. Have you seen 'The Hours'? It's based on a Virginia Woolf novel (and you know how I feel about her!) and her acting is tremendous.

    See you tomorrow!