Ah the joys of...

decaf tea mmmmmmmmmm clippperr (like "aahhhhhh bisto" but better.) ANYway, today has been relatively productive; went into town and got bits, updated my "wall of wonderfulness", took Sammy to Sweeney Todd rehearsals, helped Mum round Tescos AND Sainsburys, packed for France, made Blueberry muffins and went to a Jackson family gathering. PHEWWWW. I think the Blueberry muffins were the best muffins I have ever made. My "wall of wonderfulness" (shown below) is looking fuller and fitter all the time - I love it :D a lot.

I'm starting to get a bit nervous about France now cos really, I'm not very good at French. This is worrying me. So, instead of worrying too much I went to Tesco and bought some essentials:
Xtra strong Trebor mints

Jordan Cereal Bars
Decaf Tea
Now these may not seem like your typical essentials but let me explain. The mints are just in case we (as in me and Hodge) eat a LOT of garlic (we're in France, it's possible); the crackerbreads are my comfort food (yeah I know it should be chocolate, but it isn't); the Evian is just in case I get thirsty before bedtime and I'm too frightened to ask my hosts for a glass of water; the Jordan Cereal Bars are again, comfort food just in case it all gets too much and the Decaf Tea is just because I wanted to see whether it was any different from normal tea (it is, it's not as good.)

My trip into town was quite successful as well. There's this AWESOME second-hand bookshop called "Baz Books" so I picked a couple of bargains for birthday presents, then I went to Superdrug to buy deodorant and Miss Selfridge had some awesome earrings for a quid :D happy days. I then went into BOOTS to try and find a tube of Aqueous cream (on that subject, it really annoys me when people say "Ah"queous cream, I don't know why it just does) BUT typical BOOTS didn't do a TUBE they did a TUB...and it's MASSIVE (see below). Don't know how I'm going to fit it in my suitcase; I can't fit it in my suitcase, so now I'm going to have dry/sore skin all week. Stupid Boots.

A strange thing happened today whilst I was baking my muffins. As I was mixing all the ingredients I could hear "Camptown Races" coming from upstairs and I thought "that's wierd" so I went upstairs to see what the trouble was and there was my father on our new "borrowed" exercise bike, cycling away whilst my mother was learning the lyrics to the "Mum song" (sung to the tune of Camptown races) it was really rather bizzare. My Dad learnt how to sell things on Amazon today, he is selling his old West Wing dvds so if you're interested check em out. Also, our tortoise went to a new home , our house is just too cold for her and we're all so busy that she doesn't get the amount of TLC she deserves, so we gave her to Rosie. I know Rosie will look after her, cos Rosie is awesome :-)

In the car on the way to the "Jackson family gathering" I realised how awesome Alicia Keys is. I am actually in love with her music; it's so honest and I LOVE honesty in an artist, for me it's what art is all about. Anyway, one song in particular really struck a chord with me tonight "To Tell you Something (Nana's Reprise), the first time I listened to it I thought it was just some shallow love-song but then I realised that the song was actually about her Grandma whilst she was dying in hospital. When I listened to it again it made me cry. Another song of hers I love is "Superwoman" the harmonies are just incredible! So big up Alicia Keys people.
Anways, time for bed I need sleep. I guess this is goodbye till next Saturday. I'm going to be keeping a journal throughout the week, who knows I might post appropriate snippets from it or i might not. You will just have to wait an see.
Ciao x

p.s This is my awesome "pretty and functional" bag all packed and ready for my train journey. YAY!

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