Google Verb Game.

This is hilarious. Copy and paste "{your name} eats/wants/looks like/ says etc." into Google and see what comes up - DON'T FORGET THE SPEECH MARKS.

Ellie Does:
  • "drink, in toxic substances her liver does sink"
  • "a lot of crying, a lot of soul searching but she is also sometimes happy and gay"
  • "not, by any means, spend all her free time parading around the stage" - Lol!

Ellie Asks:

  • "what happens when you start becoming the person you're pretending to be?" - I'm WELL deep.
  • "him to try the turkey" - he should, it's DAM good!
  • "if a few cups of coffee can do that" - oh dear, need to curb this addiction.

Ellie Eats:

  • "The camera"
  • "A beetle larve"
  • "Pickles EVERY DAY"
  • "both Alfalfa and Bermuda Hay"

Ellie Says:

  • "It's not over till I say so" - so there!

Ellie Should:

  • "be happy" - I am.
  • "keep teaching" - really?
  • "have, or will be, showing signs of big time 'nesting'" - excuse me?!

Ellie is:

  • "A sweet-natured brunette, generous of heart with a sparkling smile"
  • "pony-mad" - even though I'm allergic.
  • "pleasantly surprised to discover that there's lots to do with Granny Mac"
  • "Owned by Veronica and Lawrie Upton" - would be nice to meet them someday.
  • "an all too-realistic example of many striving actors" - again, LOL.

Ellie Wears:

  • "NYLONS in the STOCKS"
  • "protective equipment, including special dog shoes"
  • "his wedding ring on her left thumb to remind her that Ray is sailing the Nina in her heart" - Who is Ray? What is "the Nina"? and why am I wearing a weddingr ing on my left thumb?

Ellie Looks Like:

  • "me"
  • "a hot dork"
  • "she's been transported into a computer game"
  • "Katy Perry" - I'm insulted. Actually shut up.
  • "The Simpsons"
  • "a very content and secure dog" - truth.
  • "one of the plastic hula dancers on the car dashboard." - hahahahaha!

1 comment :

  1. Ellie eats PICKLES every day - this sounds like a five your old introducing herself: "I'm Ellie, I'm f...f...five years old, and.... and I eat PICKLES every day!"

    What are special dog shoes?

    and I love this one: Ellie looks like... me!