In the downstairs bathroom...

we have a selection of books:

1) Passing time on the Loo part 1

2) Worst Case Scenario Handbooks: Guide to Life.

3) A book of "Alex" cartoons

4) Time-waster diaries

5) Hamlet, King Leah and Macbeth - the £2 penguin versions.

6) Cricket jokes.

I think my favourite out of all these is the 1st one; I have learnt much from this book. You can read an entire classic in under 3 minutes, learn some science (if you're interested), pick up a couple of excellent quotes, read a a few biographies and find out how you can lose weight on numerous faddy diets. Seriously, good book. Apparently there's a part 2...

Loo books are important. This is why I take so long in the bathroom.


  1. I love the fact that you have Shakespeare in your bathroom. Mention that in your Oxbridge interview and there's no refusing you.

  2. Defs have this book as well. Was given it for my 15(?!) birthday by an ex who decided I spent too much time on the loo and thought I might as well have something constructive to do with the 'wasted hours'. Kind.
    Also, you have an incredibly enjoyable, unselfconscious style, even aged (?) 16, and I hugely envy you for it.

  3. Actually, just checked. I remember now, she thought it would be funnier if she gave me part 2 and then I'd have a horrible feeling of emptiness and regret knowing that I hadn't read the first one.