Not Impressed...

by my lack of English ability. I've sat here for 4 hours and written absolutely nothing: I actually want to rip my face off! GrrrrGrrrrGrrrr. I love English, I love reading English, I love talking about English...I can't write about English to save my life and it makes me mad. Humfr.

Today was good but then lunch at Cafe Nero is always good, even more so when one has a free coffee (I am a loyal customer :D) I also found some proper bargains in the Bracknell charity shops, so it was a very successful day it that sense. But seriously, this essay is BEYOND a joke now.

ummmmmmm...oh yeah, I read "Lyra's Oxford" on the train and was actually a bit disappointed with its lack of plot. What was the point of it!? Je ne sais pas :S the other book I'm reading at the moment is "An Actor Prepares" by Konstantin Stanislavsky. Now HE is a dude. His theories on how to create character are genius (!) if a little tricky. He quotes a guy called Shcepkin: "You may play well or you may play badly; the important thing is that you play truly" I couldn't agree more, though it's incredibly frustrating for an actor when they're "playing badly" or at least "think" they are. What good old stan says, is that in order to play truly an actor must prepare his character conciously (i.e thinking about movements, tone of voice, facial expressions) and then in performance play his character sub-conciously. I have only experienced this a few times, but it's definately what I strive for in every performance - that moment when you actually become that character, even if its only for 5 mins or so, is so awesome!

Right, I'm giving up and going to bed. I say bed because I doubt I'll sleep for another hour, I am not very good at sleeping. My body thinks a lie in is 7 hours sleep, stupid thing! Rehearsals tomorrow :D fun fun times. AH - I'm going to France in a week! Actually WELL excited.

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  1. Essay = gutting :-( I thought you just had to alter it?

    Lyra's Oxford - completely agree. No plot, lame book.

    What you say about acting sounds awesome. Tres exciting :-D

    You say you're going to bed, but you posted this at 4pm - que? You should sleep more.