Adventures in the land of French.

Okay, to be honest I really cba to do this blog but I know that if I don't write stuff down now it will never happen. Trust me, my to-do list always has the same three items on it - bad times.

Right, it's not going to be in much detail but it'll give you an idea. Just quotes from my journal

"I love France"
"I can understand more than I thought I would"
"I keep thinking in German which is annoying because I would like to think in German more, but not when I want to speak French"
"I need to live abroad again at somepoint"
"Today was hard; my brain hurts"
"Hodge and I are a bit concerned that a) the tea came in a bowl and b) We have eaten nothing but carbs and protein since we arrived."
"We are very lucky to have such a great family and a great house. It's not huge but unlike nextdoor it's uncluttered and not filled with crap and animals"

"One of the chefs, let's call him Pierre, reminded me SO much of gay ryan, it was insane! He's tall and round, with a squashy, square face numerous piercings and bright, blue boxers hanging out of his chef trousers. I wish I could understand what he was saying, cos he was clearly a bit of a rave - he smoked SMOKE RINGS!"


"He was so well endowed that he had to walk around his genitalia in order to move forwards, either that or his jeans were incredibly tight" Ellie describing a customer to Hodges.

"No seriously, I open the door with a tissue, it's so disgusting!" Nalene

"SO many colours, not a ray of colours, not a range of colours but an ARAY of colours" Nalene

"She looks like a very pretty hamster" Hodges on Gabriella in HSM


We named the restaurant's cat, "King Louis" because he insisted on sitting in all our straw and growling at us.

The head chef looked like Tulouse or however you spell it from Moulin Rouge.

Alex, proud but not arrogant, always busy wanted us to know EVERYTHING about the food. Gave us a bottle of wine on our last day :-)

Daniel - "bless!"

Manager, poo face; looks about 12 and is never happy, probably due to excessive acne and his receding hairline. He was nice to me on the last day though, so maybe that's a bit harsh.

Lady chef: too nice to comment but good eyeshadow.

Fit as *mumble, mumble* Freddie, nuff said.

We watched high school musical with 4 french boys :-)

sorry if that didn;t make any sense, but that's all I can be bothered to write. Check out the video blogs on facebook when HODGES gets her act together and uploads them.

ciao. x

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