Dad IS the word.

Just got back from "24 hours of prayer" at church - that makes it sound like I've spent a whole 24 hours at church, which isn't true, I was only there for 3. Anyway, one of the sessions was for CAP (Christians Against Poverty) which is the charity that my Dad works for; it is such an awesome organisation and is already having a huge impact on our community. I have to say that my Dad is a bit of a hero...hmmm, I think I've changed my mind about this post. I am going to have a good old RAVE about my Dad, cos he's awesome! :D

I can honestly say that my Dad is the most inspiring, hardworking and dedicated man I know and I have bags, buckets, wheelbarrows and wallets full of respect for him. This time 5 years ago my family were going through a really hard time; my Mum had been diagnosed with cancer and my Dad has just lost his job. I can't always remember much of what happened during that time, sometimes I get smacked in the face with images and emotions etc. but generally it's not something I often think about. There is one image though that I always have and that is of my Dad going up to London every day to sit with my Mum whilst she was having her treatment. He never thought of himself, he was always there for Mum and tried to make life as normal as possible for us kids. At the time I remember getting really cross with him for thinking that you could buy decent sanitary towels at a petrol station and for not letting us walk down Oxford Street on one of our trips to see Mum. But looking back I realise how much he did for us. On one of our Sunday afternoons in the lovely, cheerful...(?!) Middlesex hospital I remember how much he tried to help us feel like a normal family; one time when Mum was a little better we all went to the British museum - who'd have thought Mummies could be so comforting. I also remember trips to Nike town, basketball games and when he came to see me in "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole" at school (my first main part EVER!) Through all of this the one thing that stood out the most was his faith in God, he was totally convinced that God would bring us through and always encouraged us to pray about the things we were worried about,even when it seemed that our prayers weren't being answered.

When he got a job at CAP I just knew that he was finally doing what God intended him to do. It combines his heart for the poor with his skills as a lawyer and I can already see what a blessing he is to his clients and to the rest of the church staff. Admittedly, we still clash sometimes mostly over the untidiness of my bedroom (or the tidiness of the ceiling as he would say) and the fact that the piano is always convered in my sheets of scales and opera arias ( I don't understand why it has to be put away when I'm only going to use it again) but whatever our differences and disagreements I am incredibly lucky to have him as my Dad. He challenges me to use my talents and skills to help people and to love even when it's difficult.

Hmm...I'm worried that he's going to read this and it's a bit soppy for and Ellie and HER Dad convo - I don't think he knows what I REALLY think of him. LOL. Thing is I really don't care, I'll write about Stan and my instant coffee sachets tomorrow, cos tonight it's all about Andy Jackson - so Dad, if you do read this, I'm very very proud of you :-)

On a similar note, here is the link to the CAP website: have a gander, they're doing some fantastic work!

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