The Bruised Apple and the Rice Pudding

One plus point to being the early-bird in the house is that "bagsying" the last edible apple out of the fridge can be done without someone getting hurt. I eat a lot of apples. Anyways, the apple I took out of the veggie/fruit box this morning was REALLY big and looked REALLY tasty until I saw the MASSIVE bruise - sad times. I told my Dad that the reason for this bruise was the bottle of Spitfire that was rolling about in the veggie/fruit box and that really a bottle of beer didn't belong in this section of the fridge because it would RUIN what was left of our fruit and veg pile. My Dad said it was too early to be bothering him about Spitfire and that I should really just get over the bruise on the apple; but I really couldn't. So the apple went in my lunchbox anyway cos it's Tuesday and the big shop doesn't happen till Wednesday and if I wanted anything else to eat I'd have to be creative, so I took the bruised apple. When it came to lunch time I discovered that the apple was really very good, it was crunchy and juicy and I managed to eat round the MASSIVE bruise, but then I did something awful. You know when you've eating as much of the unbruised apple as possible and you're looking at the bruised bit thinking "if I just eat the underneath bit, I'll miss the bruised bit and I'll still get me some tasty apple" so you eat it and discover that it's not ACTUALLY possible to miss the bruise, so the last taste in your mouth is not bruised apple. Which is SICK.

Anyway the apple was only a small part of a very frustrating day, I won't go into details cos details are lame and all that needs to be said is that I was very grumpy and every hormonal. I had a good old weepy with my Mum who suggested that I have some German rice pudding for tea because German rice pudding is excellent for period pain. However when one has had a hellish morning of trying to find an outfit that hides the bloated stomach, rice pudding doesn't seem like the sensible option. I told my Mum this and she told me off for being so obsessed with my appearance and that I was going to eat the rice pudding because it would make me feel better. She was right, it did make me feel better.

I finally started this blog today. Fiona has been nagging me to make one so I have. I have a feeling that it won't be a very interesting blog, so I apologise - I am only doing this to save myself from the wrath of miss Potter.


  1. Awww, Ellie. I wouldn't execute my wrath on you when you've just had such a rubbish day *hug* :( pooor Ellie.

  2. You have no idea how excited I am about your new blog. Yet another way to communicate :-)