The Stay-cation

DSC_0642DSC_0648 There's something about breakfast in bed that makes an ordinary day feel spectacular. Even if there's no one to bring it up for you, it's still a cosy feeling to wander downstairs make some yummy eggs and then bring them back to your mess of blankets and books. I was supposed to be in Paris last weekend but unfortunately my plans fell through. Instead, I set about making being at home as special as possible. I put some film into my camera, spent a few days in London wandering around the galleries, bought some sharp pencils to write with, had a coffee in Santa Fe, wrote letters, devoured novels in a duvet cocoon and went for a photowalk in the woods. Sometimes being at home is enough. It's not Paris, but it's more than enough. 

1 comment :

  1. Have you just invented a new word "photowalk"

    ...or is that a known thing?

    Either way, I like it! :)