People are so anti-Mondays, myself included, and yet I've been growing fonder of them recently. Sometimes it's because I dread a weekend full of empty hours; I find it hard to wind-down, it can give me too much time to dwell on things, it can paralyse me with choice (like what book to read, what film to watch) and sometimes, when no one's around to make plans with, it just makes me feel alone. Monday is a chance to start it all up again, to approach life with a new vision, a clean slate. Monday means another week full of people, full of work that I love, full of opportunities to learn. Yes, it's cliche, yes it's slightly idealistic but Mondays are never going to leave us, so we might as well make a choice to enjoy them. My boss in Berlin used to make Mondays her 'vision day', she'd spend time thinking about the long-term goals of her business and consider how she might go about putting ideas into action. I think a lot of us do this without thinking, I certainly did it a lot as a student - a 'to-do' list for the week. But it's not always about work, we often start diets and fitness regimes on a Monday, so why can't we put in other changes? I try to spend a few moments on a Monday reminding myself of the where, the what and the why. I deliberately get everything ready on a Sunday evening in order that Monday can be a slow and restful start. It keeps me thankful and focused. Monday is the chance to put into practice, what the weekend has taught us. 

How will you make the most of yours?!

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  1. This post reminded me of Bob Geldof singing "Tell me why I don't like Mondays" <3
    I work during weekends so Mondays are just meh to me.