Life Lately

In the last week an a half, my life has really hit the ground running. It's been full on, full stress, full fun and full-on exciting. I move into my new apartment tomorrow and I'm looking forward to having some time just slobbing and recovering from all this madness. Here's some snaps!

Berlin Life Lately 1 p 1
1/2 My first full day in Berlin was filled with iced-coffee, beautiful sunshine and the incredible Berlin sights.
Berlin Life LAtely 1 p 2
2/3 I've been drinking loose-leaf Berlin Frühlings-Romanz Tee (Berlin Spring Romance Tea) and looking whimsically out of windows, whilst balmy breezes brushed my face. 
Berli Life Lately 1 p 3
5/ There's been a lot of coffee and a lot of translations written and proof-read.
6/ I've also been walking with my lovely host around Neukölln, discovering hidden gems like this little park. 
Berlin Life Lately 1 p4
7/8 My boss Kerstin and I went on a road-trip to Hamburg to work on her office/house boat. It was awesome and after a full 36 hours of rust-scrubbing we drove home to beautiful sunsets, listening to jazz and nibbling dark chocolate filled with marzipan. 
Berlin Life Lately 1 p 5
9/10 I decided to treat myself to an evening at the cinema to see The Great Gatsby, but before I could get into the cinema I was approached by this Icelandic duo and asked if I could record a music video for them. It was very surreal, I didn't even find out the name of their band. I then grabbed a Fritz-Kola (my new favourite beverage) and snuggled into a cinema seat to watch my most anticipated film of the year. It didn't disappoint. Baz you are a legend!

I hope everyone is enjoying some Spring-like sunshine! I should be posting a lot more frequently as of tomorrow, thanks to some consistent internet. See you soon! 

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  1. Ellie!!! So exciting you're in Berlin. Promise me you'll go to Sankt Oberholz cafe (literally best chai latte in the entire world, and I've tried them all, so you can trust me). And ich liebe FritzKola <3