Kendrick Girls

Some people ridiculed me for going to an all-girls school for sixth form (just for the record we're not all lesbians!) but I am so glad I did. It was there that I met these two incredible women, it was there that the foundations of our friendships were made, inspired and shaped. This week we found ourselves in Italy together, cycling around, eating food, jabbering on about life and things. Kendrick Girls are pursuers of adventure, life and knowledge, which is why I'm so proud to have been a part of it. These two girls have always understood who I am and what I stand for. We bring out the best in each other, revitalise each other's minds, listen to each other's hurts, dreams and loves, hug each other, provide refuge, food, fun and photos. I love them. I love their indefatigable love for culture, their out-right geekyness, their desire to understand the world, the fact that we often have to hold our stomachs tight from laughing so hard. Most of all I love that they seize life and squeeze it of every opportunity, I love that they don't wallow but search for a solution or a distraction, I love that through everything they go through they still wear their hearts on their sleeves and their joy on their lips. 

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Photos courtesy of Fiona Potter.

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  1. IT'S A KENDRICK THREE! This made for some wonderfully enjoyable stalking. Miss y'all; stay excellent xxxxxxx