A Lucca Adventure

Lucca collage 1
1/ On Saturday we got a train to a town just outside Lucca where we met an Italian who drove us through the hills and made us stop in little villages filled with stray cats.
2/ We arrived in lovely, chilly Lucca and admired the crispness of its beauty.
Lucca collage 2
3/ We ate the local speciality 'Cecina' a sort of pizza base made of chickpea flour. Yes naturally gluten-free and naturally delicious.
4/ It was bitingly cold yet spring was still in the air.
Lucca collage 3
5/ We walked around the walls until it got to cold to move.
6/ Then we piled in the car, drove to the beach, looked out the window, then drove to a tiny village in one of the mountains just outside of Florence. There we entered a tiny, local trattoria filled with REAL Italians and ate the most exquisite, most delicious meal of my life. 

La vita é bella.

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  1. Your blog is so fun to read. I cant say that I am not jealous of your life because...I kind of am haha. You take some of the coolest pictures also!