Getting Lost

My new favourite thing to do is getting lost in Florence. With the Arno as my compass, I take off with my senses wide open to absorb the colour, life and smells of this ancient city. I wander in and out of streets and shops, pausing for ice-cream and cappuccino. I try to capture each moment of splendour in a photograph, but it soon becomes impossible, so I stop. The place is heaving with Japanese and American students, so the real challenge comes in trying to spot the REAL Florentines and making them talk to you. Sometimes I force my lifestory onto a bewildered barista and they smile at my attempt to speak Italian. Sometimes I find a secluded spot and want to stay longer than a simple cappuccino will allow, so I order an Espresso Macchiato for 80cents and in order to explain my coffee greed, I tell them that it’s my first week in Italy, so I need to try all the different types of coffee. They bought it.

In and out and around I wander, letting the beauty of the city heal my soul and rejuvenate my mind. It inspires me, relaxes me, baffles me and makes me feel far, far away from home. It's the perfect combination of adventure and solitude, a chance to think, observe, feel and discover.

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