A 36 hour adventure.

36 hours collage

It all started with a cappuccino and a newspaper, followed by a walk through sunny Florence to get a train to Bologna, which led to me catching a flight from Bologna to London, via Frankfurt. Time gave me three hours with Louis, eating homemade hamburgers and getting used to seeing each other in real life, this was followed by a nostalgic filled train ride to Bracknell, sneaking into the house to surprise Mum for her 50th Birthday. There was much hugging, chocolate eating, wine drinking, tea sipping and then bed snuggling, patch-work quilt appreciating and home loving. The morning brought birthday breakfasts and expensive cameras, a train ride to London and a coffee date with my brother. We browsed the NT bookshop, listened to bagpipes at Trafalgar and ate rice triangles from Wasabi. The afternoon brought a visit to the National Portrait Gallery to gawk at the famous monarchs, politicians and british celebrities, which saw us stumbling tired, hungry, yet in good spirits to Zizzis for beautiful Italian food. London rounded itself off nicely with a trip to the theatre that left us wriggling with giggles and joy, spilling out into the night for a quick Cafe Nero on the train home.

Then it was over, I was on a plane, then a bus, then a train, then on foot, then right here in Florence thinking it was all a dream. 

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