Monday Thankfulness

Today I am thankful for these two,
for our childhood, for hours spent with the dressing up-box, on car journeys, in hospital waiting rooms, on holidays, for our laughter, for the fun. I'm thankful for the times they humoured my bossiness and participated in my home-made shows, I'm thankfully for the times they've lugged my suitcase down stairs and onto trains, for the amount of times they've hauled my trunk into various uni-buildings, for their willingness to sit through many, many sometimes excellent sometimes awful shows, for putting up with my mood-swings, for listening to me rant through break-ups, friendship issues, life-issues and dreams. Most of all I am thankful for our friendship, for the way we can slob in front of Family Guy and be entertained for hours, for the lengthy Skype chats, the dinner table banter, the Whatsapp exchanges, for the day-trips and thoughtful tweets, for the 'welcome home' and 'see you again soon' hugs, for the fact that no matter where we are in the world or in life, we will always have a bond that no one but the three of us can share.
They are my heros.