Missing Woyton

It's been a while since I went for an afternoon latte at my favourite coffee shop in Düsseldorf. I miss the hum of the customers, the smell of the coffee, the view of the street and the smiles of the baristas. Alas this year abroad essay has kept me chained to my make-shift desk (aka: sitting on my bed, getting back-ache and dead feet) except as per usual I wasn't able to really get into my essay because of the amount of stupid forms and emails and surveys that I had to fill out, send, re-send and find for University and Erasmus. I know that SOME of these things are necessary, but they're also stressful and FEEL unnecessary. They are sapping the enjoyment out of my last few days in Germany, restricting the time I have for my essay (which is probably more important in the long run seeing as I'm not going to be getting my Erasmus grant for another TWO months, despite filling out all the stupid forms) and on top of the amount of things like packing, travel booking, insurance buying that I need to do for my move to Italy in 9 days time, driving me stress-hopping crazy. 

But tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow I'm shoving MyBristol, University of Bristol, German Department, Erasmus, Wah-Wah Noob-heads into a black brain sack and shoving it in the back-cupboard of my mind. I'm going to take my newspaper (which I bought on FRIDAY and still haven't been able to read) along with my laptop and essay notes to my Woyton. There I will sit and sip and read and enjoy and observe and analyse and write and regain my sense of self. I will chat with my barista friends and I will look out the window and remember a time when a homesick and lonely English girl walked through the doors of this cafe and found a piece of home. 

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